The inner country

San Leo

San Leo, in ancient times called Montefeltro, 583 metres above sea level, 32 km from Rimini (along the road SP 258 in the valley of the river Marecchia) is a small town situated upon an enormous rock, accessible only by one small road.
The former capital of the Montefeltro county has seen many battles during the last 2000 years. Under King Berengario II it was even the capital of Italy.
The mighty fortress was transformed into a prison under the reign of the Papal States. The Count of Cagliostro, who died there in 1795, and Felice Orsini (1844) were famous inmates.
The panoramic view from San Leo is fantastic, sweeping from the surrounding hills and mountains to the distant Adriatic sea.

The republic of San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is one of the world's oldest and tiniest states. The historical town centre is characterized by narrow ancient streets, big walls, towers and panoramic views. There are a lot of souvenir shops, too. Numerous events in historical costumes take place at various times of the year.


The Castle of Gradara is an impressive medieval fortress dominating a tiny ancient town, with two rings of walls, the outer one is 800 metres long.
At night the sight of the castle and the town below is particularly suggestive.

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