Villages, panoramic views and nature

Our rich hinterland

Early in the morning, say hello to the sun and take an invigorating run along the seafront.

Come back to the hotel to enjoy our super breakfast and freshen up, then head out to explore one of our beautiful inland villages

Here, amidst scenic views and nature, you'll feel surrounded by a big green embrace. 

There are numerous villages in which to stroll between historic buildings, ancient lanes and lush nature. And don't forget to stop at one of the typical inns or taverns to taste the romagnola cuisine done in the traditional manner.

The hinterland you can't miss

San Leo, Gradara and San Marino

Among the inland villages that we suggest you to visit there is definitely Saint Leoperched on a rocky outcrop. You can access it only by a charming road cut into the rock that gives the village a panoramic view that sweeps over the surrounding mountains and along the valley of the Marecchia, to the sea.

An ancient city, it was the capital of the county of Montefeltro and even the capital of Italy under Berengario II. During the papal rule, its castle was transformed into the prison where the alchemist Count Cagliostro was imprisoned and died.

Gradara, another medieval village, boasts a castle, an ancient fortress truly impressive: the second outer wall extends for almost 800 meters. Our advice is to visit it in the evening to enjoy an even more evocative and truly romantic view.

La Republic of San Marino is one of the smallest but oldest states in the world. Explore its historic centre among ancient alleys, walls, towers and picturesque views, without forgetting a stop in one of the many typical souvenir shops.

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