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Fiabilandia is an amusement park made for children, inspired by fairy tales and known characters from films and cartoons. Grown-ups will have their fun, too.

Italia in Miniatura

Italia in Miniatura is the main attraction of this theme park are reproductions in scale of all famous Italian cities, sites, and monuments. Informative and amusing for children and adults


Mirabilandia is one of the biggest amusement parks in Italy, it offers an infinity of stunning, breathtaking rides and great entertaining shows and performances. Fun for youths, children and adults.


Aquafan is one of the most famous water parks in Europe, open since 1987, with a big variety of water slides and chutes, pools and any kind of water fun equipment.


Oltremare was created as an extension of Aquafan, in order to broaden the offer of pastimes and make the park moreinteresting and instructive.
It has a section dedicated exclusiveley to small children, where they can undertake a journey through time, beginning with the birth of the universe, and explore life on earth, in the water and in the sky.
The most important part of the park, however, is dedicated to the marine environment, it is divided into the sections "Dolfin Lagoon", "Hippocampus"(seahorses) and "Pianeta mare" (planet sea).

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