A place for fun and play
Wellness oasis and relaxation corner

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool with hydro massage

Relaxation is what people want most from a holiday. This is what the pool of the Hotel Aragosta, with its hydro massage, was made for. Even after a day on the beach or after a trip to the green hills in the surroundings of Rimini, you will enjoy moments of total relaxation, before having a good dinner “Romagna style”.

Good for sportspeople and for readers

Sporting people know that it is good to start the day with a swim, maybe even before breakfast. The swimming pool of the Hotel Aragosta is perfect for this.

But it is perfect too for those who, instead of physical exercise, prefer reading a good book, lying on a lounger near the pool, and maybe get a little sun tan, too.

Meeting place for families and friends

The pool of the Hotel Aragosta, with sunshades and beds around it and the possibility to get drinks and snacks at the kiosk nearby, is a fine place for meeting people at any time of the day.

Choose to spend your July holidays... with your feet in the sand! Staying with us is very simple: we are in fact facing the sea, few steps, and you will be under the umbrella.

Book a holiday of at least seven days and theALL INCLUSIVE COSTS as much AS THE FULL BOARD

65 euro per person per day instead of 73 euros

Ask us for a proposal for your holiday, we will be happy to give you more information.

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