Rimini is a holiday destination par excellence with a long touristic tradition, but it has also an important heritage from the past. The ancient Romans have left the triumphal arch Arco di Augusto and the bridge Ponte di Tiberio, from the Renaissance era there is the temple Tempio Malatestiano and the castle Rocca di Sigismondo.

Do not miss to visit the city museum Museo della Città where you can learn a lot about the past of Rimini and its surroundings, from the geological formation of the area up to our days, with 1500 pieces exposed.

A few steps from the museum a dwelling from the Roman age was unearthed recently, a kind of little Pompei with mosaics and a lot of surgical instruments and medical equipment. Because of this exceptional finding the site was called Domus del Chirurgo = the surgeon's house.

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