Take your dog to the beach!

The beach

The ideal of the beach as only a place where to sunbathe and take a bath, do not exist for some years now. The beaches of Rimini are today a place in which to spend an entire day without ever getting bored. Playing fields to play beach volley and beach tennis, bocce and games for children, entertainment services and not only. Even those who want to take a break from it all can find on the beach, relaxation areas with magazines, comfy sofas and wifi, a wellness area with swimming pools with jacuzzi and a fitness area with gyms directly on the sand.

Beach with access for animals

The bathing establishment 56 provides access to the beaches also for the animals. Under each umbrella you can find services dedicated to four-legged friends who wish to follow their masters from the sand.

The areas are pet friendly and are suitable for all guests who choose the holiday with the animals, who are seeking personalized services and above all dedicated to the little friends.

Animation all day

The beaches of Rimini have as a strong point of the’animation for adults and children, with a young and prepared staff of both morning and afternoon.

All the days and with different programs for each day of the week, animation of the bathing establishments conventioned with the Hotel, Lobster, invent new and interesting challenges. Tournaments of tug-of-war, muscle toning, water aerobics and competitions, tasty for adults and children.

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